“Richard Speight Jr. as Roger is a great straight man to Casey Dillard’s sarcastic stand-up, Emerson...even though Driven is a comedy by most accounts does not mean that it’s missing out on thrills...These groups are where all the fresh talent comes from, which is something that the filmmakers and actors behind Driven aren’t lacking.” - Film Threat

“A truly unique gem of a film”
- The Farsighted

Driven is a genius Meld of Humor and Horror that Really Goes Places...and
remembers that humans still laugh even in the middle of tragedy”
- Horror Buzz

“Dillard shines as Emerson, and she and Speight played brilliantly off of each
other...His acting, Dillard’s writing, and Payne’s directing combined to create just the right balance for the film.”
- Nerds and Beyond

“Driven is a fantastic flick full of ancient evil, snark, and heart and shouldn’t be missed by horror hounds that dig on a lil’ humor with their horror” - Horror Fuel

The pair play their respective parts outstandingly well, which makes watching these polar opposites interacting on screen an absolute treat...This movie is a perfect culmination of delightful simplicity and raw, natural talent from its creators and cast.”
- Nerds and Beyond

“Dillard has fantastic, spot-on comedic timing for her one-liners, and she and Speight play off of each other well.
- Warlock Writer

“Driven transports us through this narrative with top notch writing and free wheeling performances.”
- OC Movie Reviews

“Like any good character based story, Driven sticks with the audience and is a film I could easily re-watch again and again.”
- Without Your Head